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Central Coast Section Football Playoff Projections after Week 10 Friday

After Friday night's results 37 teams have clinched a spot in the CCS playoffs. There are still two AQ spots and one or two at-large spots up for grabs. The final field will not be set until the result of the 6:00 pm game between Sobrato and Piedmont Hills is completed.

Included below is each school's projected point total, projected record, and CBED figure (enrollment). (For further information about CCS seeding procedures, please see the CCS playoff bylaws.)

Open Division

The field is set. Today's games will determine final seedings. The eight teams are Oak Grove, Bellarmine, Palma, Palo Alto, Serra, Terra Nova, Mitty and St. Ignatius.

I have Oak Grove as the #1 seed if McClymonds beats Oakland Tech today. Oak Grove would have 34 points. If McClymonds loses today Oak Grove would have 32.5 points. I have Bellarmine at 33.5 points without any bonus points for playing De La Salle. Technically De La Salle was an independent this year and not eligible for the EBAL title. There is the potential here to award Bellarmine an extra point as the De La Salle decision this year was announced fairly late.

The other seeding that will be decided today is that the winner of the Mitty-SI game will be a 6 seed and the loser will be a 7 or 8 seed, depending on how Oak Grove and Bellarmine get seeded.

Open Division:
1. Oak Grove 34.0 10-0 2137 (Assumes McClymonds wins OAL)
2. Bellarmine 33.5 9-1 3230
3. Palma 30.0 8-2 804
4. Palo Alto 28.33 8-2 1907
5. Serra 31.0 9-2 1736
6. St. Ignatius 30 7-3 1451
7. Terra Nova 24.75 6-4 1233
8. Mitty 29.5 7-3 1677

Division I
1. Milpitas 24 7-3 3006
2. Salinas 23 6-4 2515
3. Alisal 22.5 8-2 2386
4. Sequoia 21.17 8-2 1990
5. Hollister 21 5-5 2864
6. Santa Teresa 20.5 5-5 2397
7. Fremont-Sunnyvale 19.17 8-2 1982
8. Silver Creek 15.5 5-5 2378

Division II
1. St. Francis 26.5 5-5 1729
2. Los Gatos 24.5 6-4 1771
3. Wilcox 24.5 7-3 1893
4. Leland 23 6-4 1837
5. Menlo-Atherton 22.5 6-4 1980
6. South City 22.5 7-3 1523
7. Pioneer 19 5-5 1706
8. Overfelt 13.5 6-4 1663

Division III
1. Monterey 25 8-2 1258
2. Sobrato 24.5 7-3 1471
3. Valley Christian 23 4-6 1318
4. Aragon 22.5 7-3 1506
5. Saratoga 21.83 6-4 1391
6. Aptos 21 8-2 1393
7. Burlingame 18.5 5-5 1325
8. Soledad 18 6-4 1288

Division IV
1. Seaside 28.5 10-0 1040
2. Sacred Heart Prep 27.25 9-1 599
3. Carmel 25 9-1 828
4. Menlo 22.5 8-2 561
5. Monte Vista Christian 21.5 8-2 638
6. Soquel 21 8-2 1004
7. Pacific Grove 21 7-3 550
8. Capuchino 18 6-4 1124

CCS Picture Heading into Saturday

AQ's: Bellarmine, Serra, Palo Alto, Wilcox, Los Gatos, Fremont, Carmel, Palma, Monterey, Salinas, Seaside, Oak Grove, Leland, Sobrato, Terra Nova, Sacred Heart Prep, Menlo-Atherton, Burlingame, South San Francisco, Capuchino, Aptos, Soquel, Silver Creek, Overfelt.

Remaining 2 AQ's - second spot in the Mission Trail and the fourth spot in the Mount Hamilton league. If Pacific Grove wins today against Carmel they get the AQ, if they lose the AQ goes to Soledad and Pacific Grove takes an at-large spot. Pacific Grove is in the playoffs win (AQ) or lose (At-large). If Piedmont Hills beats Sobrato they get the fourth Mt. Ham AQ spot. If Piedmont Hills loses, and Santa Teresa beats Independence, Pioneer gets the fourth AQ spot in a two-way tie with Piedmont Hills or a three-way tie with Santa Teresa and Piedmont Hills. Santa Teresa can only get an at-large spot and Pioneer can only get a AQ spot. Piedmont Hills only likely way in is with a win today and capturing the AQ spot.

At-Large - Mitty, Saint Ignatius, St. Francis, Milpitas, Saratoga, Aragon, Menlo, Alisal, Monte Vista Christian, Sequoia, San Benito, Valley Christian.

Remaining 1/2 spots

21: Pacific Grove - if they lose to Carmel they take one slot leaving one left.

20.5: Riordan - A win over Valley Christian means 22.5 and a definite playoff spot. A loss leaves them on the bubble and needing a waiver from WCAL league placement rule to be considered and a possible coin flip with Santa Teresa.

20.5: Santa Teresa (with win over Independence) and Piedmont Hills win - Piedmont Hills takes AQ spot and leaves Santa Teresa in the at-large pool. 20:Santa Clara - They need at least two of the following three things to happen to get in. Pacific Grove to win and open an additional at-large spot. Santa Teresa to lose to Independence and/or Riordan to be denied access to the draw through the WCAL rule.

There is a highly unlikely scenario where Pacific Grove takes an AQ spot and Santa Teresa loses to Independence, and Riordan is passed over due to the WCAL rule. In that case Santa Clara takes a spot and the final spot is a draw among teams with 19.5 points which would include Sacred Heart Cathedral (which is why they would not voluntarily give up their priority spot from the WCAL), Live Oak, Gunderson, and Piedmont Hills.

Some other games that effect seedings today include Seaside-Monterey (Seaside drops to a 2 seed in DIV with a loss). Carmel-Pacific Grove. PG goes to a 3 seed with a win and drops Carmel into a tie for fourth with Menlo. Riordan-Valley Christian. A Riordan win would give them a 3 seed and drop Valley Christian into a tie for the 5th seed with Aptos.

'PALbooster' is a member of the NorCalPreps message board community. For further discussion click here.

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